Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Movies about animals and pets never fail to hit you at the right spot, either leaving you happy to witness the purity of human-animal bond or can you leave you teary-eyed, owing to the overwhelm of emotions. But the fact is nobody has said that they never liked any movie on animals so far. Here is a list of 10 beautiful movies on animals which you can watch/re-watch any time.

1.       Hachi: A Dog’s Tale
One of the finest movies to be ever made, Hachiko is based on an overwhelmingly true story of a Japanese Akita dog and his master. The story tells the story of a college professor who spots an abandoned dog, Hachiko on his way, brings him home and bonds with him. The movie culminates to Hachiko waiting for his owner at the station every evening even after his owner passed away, and finally he passed away too waiting there.

2.       Marley & Me
This movie will remind you of Hachiko where a couple adopts a puppy Marley who slowly becomes the closest family member. Marley grows up with the couple, but old age and sickness catches him and finally he is euthanized. The film reminds you that our pets and their memories are irreplaceable and their void cannot be filled easily.

3.       Gorillas in the Mist
The Academy Award nominated movie shows the story of Dian Fossey, a scientist who took it upon her the mission of saving the mountain gorillas from being exterminated in Africa. It shows the animal and human bonding in a beautiful way.

4.       The Cave of the Yellow Dog
Nansal, a little nomad girl from Mongolia spots a baby dog in the Mongolian veld. They bond and the puppy becomes her best friend. Inspite of her parent’s rejections to adopt the baby dog, she continues to be with it. The sub plot of the movie traces the nomadic life of the Mongolian family, their tradition and finally their migration to the city.

5.       Born Free
This is one of the cult movies on animal love; Born Free is a movie which revolves around the life o f a couple who adopts a lioness cub, Elsa after her parents are killed. When they are given the option to take the cub either into the zoo or freed inside the forest in Kenya, they take Elsa to the forest, attempts to introduce Elsa to her herds and with a broken heart sees her to finally bond with the wild and returning to the forest life. After a year the couple revisits Kenya and with a joyful heart find out that Elsa hasn’t forgotten them.

6.       Babe
A heartwarming film on companionship and kindlness, Babe tells the story of a cute little orphaned piglet who befriends an impolite farmer but is polite to the sheep. The story tells how he slowly bonds with the other animals through focusing lights on issues like social isolation and cruelty towards animals.

7.       The Black Stallion
The American adventure film is adopted from Walter Farley written classic children’s novel (1941) of the same name which tells the story of a wild Arabian stallion. The movie shows a young boy, Alec from America traveling with his father when he spots the mysterious Arabian stallion. He gets fascinated by it and the stallion is brought on board and put into stable on the ship. The ship sinks and only the boy and the horse are saved. They bond on an island and are finally rescued back to America where the stallion is trained to become the fastest racing horses in the world.

8.       Duma
The movie plot revolves around an orphaned cheetah and a young boy from South Africa and how they soon become best friends. The film traces all the emotions from happily growing up together to an emotional goodbye in the end; this will pull the strings of adventure in your heart.

9.       Free Willy
If you are a 90’s kid, bet you will remember this movie. A young street boy, Jesse becomes friend with Willy, a killer whale and soon he discovers that some exploitative people want to kill the whale for their own gain. How Jesse adopts various tricks to free Willy from the profit mongering people forms the plot of the movie.

10.   Rams
Two Icelandic brothers who are estranged for 40 years bond together once again in order to save their dearest flocks of sheep from the authorities who want to kill the animals forms the plot of the movie. The movie has its moments of dark humor and finally ending up as a cult humanist drama.

So, which one are you planning to watch this weekend? 


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