Monday, April 1, 2019

Music lovers in India who love to explore diverse genres of music had another moment to rejoice. The Swedish audio music streaming platform Spotify after covering Europe, America, New Zealand, Australia and some parts of Asia and Africa finally debuted in India on January 31, 2019. Spotify, with its launch, immediately unveiled ‘There’s A Playlist For That’, the first ever campaign to reach more users. The digital campaign featured Spotify’s signature hyper-contextual OOH+ engaging users on the level of their local and personal choice.
What makes Spotify user-friendly? The app which was first launched on October 7, 2008 by Spotify AB which now provides approximately forty million soundtrack. Spotify gives you the scope to enjoy your music in your own way. With this app, you can get access to podcasts and music of your choice from whenever and wherever, be it on your mobile or on your tablet device. The app gives its users access to podcasts from various music labels and bands offering DRM protected music which checks the illegal usage of copyrighted music and proprietary hardware. Spotify’s basic features comes free with automatic music videos. The premium features include playing music anytime anywhere from any supporting device- mobile, laptop, computer or tablet. Moreover you can download music for listening offline. Spotify gives you uninterested music listening without any ads. One of its basic features is Spotify Connect allowing you to connect to any device anywhere and enjoy listening. If you are not willing to download the app, there is a web player provided by the platform. In this case, you don’t get the facility of offline listening. In case you are not satisfied with the songs, you can cancel anytime. You have to go for a paid subscription to get additional benefits like improved streaming. It has its own original podcasts which are not available elsewhere. Moreover, you can get access to millions of music artists and album from any corner of the world. You can create your own playlist with your favorite songs. If you want to explore new music, Spotify can help you with that also. You can either personalize your recommendations or choose a convenient playlist hitherto unexplored which uplifts your mood in no time.
But the reason Spotify really stands out is for its Spotify for Artists option. The website was launched in 2013 for aspiring musicians wanting themselves to be heard. If you love singing, want to reach people and create your fan base, then you are at the right place. With Spotify, you can upload your music easily and regulate when you want your tracks to show up on the app. As an artist, you can create your own profile and update it regularly, promote your new tunes and submit the same for playlisting. Check statistics on Spotify regularly to see where your song is listed and you can work on it further. It also helps you check what playlists you are added to. Additionally Spotify will pay you a royalty based on the number of times your songs are streamed in proportion to the total number of songs.
So, don’t miss on the next generation of music listening and download Spotify on your device. For more information about the app, you can visit the official website


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