Saturday, April 6, 2019

In a world driven by where majority of our works going digital, we have to stay online for a considerable period of time.  Now what is happening- while you are remaining logged in, you are logging off from your physical world. This is disturbing the work-life balance nowadays. Earlier work used to happen in a physical setting, but in today’s world, digital is the norm. Whether you want or not, you cannot simply put away your Smartphone for a day. Moreover, with digital platform providing so many apps for tackling your real life situation and social networks introducing you to the virtual world of likes and applauds, you will think that this idea is implausible. Social networks have hypnotized us so much that we are getting detached from our real-time friends, decreasing our productivity, snatching our sleep and concentration. It is as if technology has taken over us, when it should have been the opposite. That is the reason more and more people are going for digital detox- refraining from using digital devices for a considerable period of time to beat stress and focus on real life situations. Sounds interesting? Need some leads? Here are some tips for you:

1.      Block all notifications
Let us admit, most of the time we are thinking about the numbers of likes on our pictures, who is commenting on our shared posts and the likes. Block these notifications as they take away a chunk of your concentration. Since you are accustomed to a large number of notifications, you can gauge how harmful are they.

2.       Unfollow
It is a known fact that we get increasingly stressed by seeing our friends having a happy life, succeeding in their career, going on that dream trip or buying that dress. If these make you feel worthless about yourself, unfollow them. There are various pages and communities which make you believe that you are not doing enough with your life. Stop following them as soon as possible.

3.      Cut down social media timing
Initially you will find it difficult to shun yourself off from these sites completely. That’s why it is advisable to start with cropping your time spent on social media to a particular hour. For example, when you are done with day’s work and before you hit the bed, you can check out your news feed in the midst.

4.       Stop scrolling when you are on bed
This is the most harmful thing you can do to yourself. Scrolling while you are trying to sleep takes a toll on your health as you hold back your sleep to check that “one last notification”.

5.       Uninstall Apps
Delete all the apps you never use or overuse. Clean your phone storage and see how relaxed you feel.

6.       Partake in a hobby
Remember how much you loved painting or singing or poetry when there wasn’t any social media? Resume your old hobby as it helps in self-improvement and distract you from the virtual world.

7.       Read
There is not a better exercising of your mind and brain than to reading. Pick up a book of your choice and exercise the habit of reading. It’s better to go for a paperback and resist reading on phone.

8.      Enjoy each moment
Create your own memories but don’t post it on your profile. Take that photo, write that poem, cook that meal, but remember not everything needs to be put under scrutiny of others.

So, are you thinking of logging out?


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