Saturday, April 6, 2019

Every morning you jolt up from your sleep, almost rush to get ready only to go and sit in your office cabin and work rigorously for 8 hours. You end up stuffing yourself with caffeine and fast food as they are readily available. You rush home after completing deadlines for the day and are unwilling to cook. You order food and wait for the food to be delivered, in the meantime scrolling through your profile on the social media sites. You sigh at how “complete” life your friends are leading when you are stuck in one place. This leads to unnecessary stress.
You need to take care of yourself. Since the stress is going to kill your peace of mind making you irritated about yourself. Occasionally you need self-care to instill positivity in your life. Here is a list of ten ways you can heal yourself.

      Have a good six to eight hours of sleep
If your body gets adequate rest, you feel fresh and energized throughout the day. If you don’t sleep well, you are bound to get irritated, stressed and low. That’s why manage your tasks in such a way so that you have enough time to sleep.

2      Draw a routine.
Ok, we know it’s nearly impossible to follow a strict routine, but in the long run, it helps you a lot. Write down your tasks along with a timeline. This will give you a reference point where from you modify your tasks.

3       Have nutritious food
Skip that coke and fries and resort to home cooked foods. It doesn’t mean you have to compromise with bland food. There are numerous YouTube videos which show how to cook lip-smacking meal in easy and convenient way. Who knows, you may end up discovering cooking as your new found hobby!

4       Ditch sugar
Stop taking sugar as much as possible, which means no soft drinks, candies or cookies. Replace sugar with honey in your favorite tea. Sugar helps you gain fat which automatically makes you slow.

If you are not a gym person, no need to push yourself. Try free hand exercise and yoga at home. Your body needs to heal which is an essential factor of self care.

6      Log out of social media profiles
Sometimes not letting anyone know about your life is an absolute bliss. There is no fake criticism or applause. Staying away from the social media sites give you ample time to do tasks you love. Instead reconnect with people offline. Is there anyone you are thinking of getting in touch lately? Pick up the phone or send a text.

7      Watch inspirational videos
The best way to catch motivational videos is to go to the TED talk library, browse categories according to your preference and watch them. They are not long; some of them have duration of fifteen to twenty minutes. It will also increase your concentration.

     Gain knowledge
Browse random articles online, go to the library and fetch a book and read. As you gain more knowledge, you become wiser.

     Get rid of things you don’t need
Don’t clog your closet with items you never use. Reorganize your room by discarding the things you don’t need. A cozy, organized and spacious room uplifts your mood automatically.

This is the best way to heal yourself. Travelling boosts your confidence, make you a better person. You learn about new people, culture, food, art, history- a much needed welcome change for you.

 Happy taking care of yourself! 


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